The #1 eSports Market in the World

Filling needs in Chinese & Asian Industries


Securing Markets

Gamerbits brings a secure, publicly-auditable system to markets that have histories with untrusted Gamer payout systems.

Cutting Edge Cold Storage

Gamerbits offers its currency users customized cold storage options that utilize bleeding edge technologies including the SAFE Network.

Customized For Gamers

Gamerbits designs software, apps, explorers and tech for Gamers and tournaments to use blockchain, all based on the Gamerbits token.

Customized Block Explorer

The Gamerbits currency and project has a custom-fitted explorer for Gamers to easily understand the transactions.

Return on Investment

Gamerbits began as a micro-cap token in the $250k USD ICO range, but has an extremely solid foundation with the potential for major growth.

Multi-Platform Marketing

Gamerbits leads the pack in terms of marketing its currency and software. It pushes new content to all major Social Media & Crypto platforms.

CMO Cheif Marketing Officer - Xijia H.

Our CMO has years of experience in brand marketing & cross-cultural product awareness. She has promoted the project Gamerbits marketing videos.

CTO - Arek H.

Arek has successfully built the first version of the Gamerbits Block Explorer, and is overseeing future versions, to simplify crypto for gamers.

Paul Ryan B.

Paul is a backend developer working with Google's "Go" and has been customizing our eSports-focused wallets for "geth" nodes successfully.

CEO - Alex Lee S.

Alex Lee has been experimenting with alternative cryptocurrencies for many years, ultimately resulting in Gamerbits, with a goal to combat inflationary and control issues within China and worldwide.

Pedro D.

Pedro is the original designer of the Bitboy Gamerbits character assets, and is spearheading the Graphic Novel initiative for artistic marketing.


Through opening the source code of much of our work, Gamerbits benefits from the continued growth & maintenance by a decentralized workforce.

Completed Software

Market-ready Wallets & Software


Partners around the Globe

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